Accordion Shutters (Full install Kit)

$24.00 sqft

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  • Step#1: Choose your color & track type
  • Step#2: Enter width & height for first window (inches only).
  • Step#3: Choose quantity then Click “Add To Cart”
  • Step#4: Repeat steps 1-3 for all windows. Once all windows are added go to check out and pay.

**this order includes shutters, tracks, & screws. Free shipping for all order over $5000.



Accordion Hurricane Shutters Caribbean:

Genesis Accordion Hurricane shutters can withstand wind load pressure of +150/-200. Also, they have been designed to be used in high rises, going up to the 50th floor, making them a great manufacturing option due to their versatility.

Three centermate options available, (Centermate, Unibox, Unimate). Our centermates are made of one single piece, not requiring a male and female. The unimate option allows for the use of locking pins and push lock.

Compact stacking is a great feature of the Genesis Shutter. The unimate centermate makes it possible for the shutter stack to take up less space. This feature gives the shutters, when opened, a more elegant and discreet look.

Genesis has a blade coverage of 7 inches, where most shutters have coverage of 6 to 6.5 inches. This allows for less shutter blades to cover the same area. Keep in mind that shutter strength is not diminished due to this feature.

Additional information

Additional information

Color White, Beige, Bronze, Ivory

Tracks Standard, Walkover Track (Only For Doors), Removable Tracks (Only for Porch Openings

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